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in English
Are you interested in studying a degree at Nelson Mandela University?
Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to submit proof of English proficiency before registration.
If you don't meet the English Language requirements... we're here to help!
The minimum TOEFL score required is:
200 on the computer-based test, 533 on the paper-based test
The minimum score required IELTS score is:
The minimum score on the IBT:
72 overall with minimums of 16 in listening,
15 in reading 22 in writing and 19 in speaking
Please note: the requirements above are for Undergraduate studies only, Postgraduate scores differ and can be found in our Postgraduate Guide HERE
Improve your English in 2020
The Nelson Mandela University International Language Centre offers two English programmes for you to choose from:
Elementary English
Each course runs for 20 weeks in total
Students are tested on arrival and placed into the appropriate class according to their test results.
Elementary English:
If a student is placed in the elementary class then it will take him / her 1 year of English before he / she can start their chosen course at Nelson Mandela University (providing they pass both English classes and meet Nelson Mandela University’s entrance requirements for their chosen course).
Pre-intermediate English:
If a student is placed in the pre-intermediate class then it will only take him / her 6 months to reach the required level to study at Nelson Mandela University (again, providing that they pass the English course and meet Nelson Mandela University’s entrance requirements for their chosen course).
Therefore, depending on your level of English, you can do 1 semester or
2 semesters of English.
You can also choose not to study further at university and just do the English course to simply improve your English skills.
Please note: 
Our english programmes are designed only as a bridging course to enable you to study at the  Nelson Mandela University, or to simply improve your English language skills.
• Application Deadline: 15 November 2020 •
Click on the link below for the English application form - please complete the application form and email it back to us with the required documents.
The application fee is ZAR 500.00
Application Form
If you would like to apply for accommodation in Port Elizabeth, please click on the link below and complete the application form.
The refundable accommodation deposit is ZAR 2000.00
Accomodation Form
We have also included the course costs below – please note that there is no amount for accommodation as this varies depending on where a student lives; however, we estimate about R24,000 per semester.
Application Fee 500.00 
Registration Fee 725.00
English Skills Admin Fee 2,750.00
English Skills Course fees 16,500.00
Placement test  400.00
Sub-total Tuition Fees 20 875.00
Accommodation Deposit (Compulsory) 2,000.00
Accommodation :  6 months (see above)  
Electricity (R350 per month)  
Meals (estimate 1500 per month)  
Sub-Total Living Expenses 2,000.00
Orientation (Compulsory) 600.00
Medical Aid for 6 months (compulsory – from R407 per month)  
TOTAL   (South African Rands) 23 475.00
Dollar amount at current exchange rate ($1 = R14.82)
Once you have filled out your application form and collected all the required documents, kindly send it to us via the email link below:
Email Application Form

Where is Nelson Mandela Bay?
Port Elizabeth - Nelson Mandela Bay is the beautiful coastal city where the Nelson Mandela University is located.