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Welcome to the Mandela International Office

We serve all international students looking to study in South Africa at the Nelson Mandela University


Equipping yourself for your future career

The university boasts more than a century of experience in quality higher education, research and technological innovation from entrance level (certificates) through to research level (PhDs).

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Your study adventure story in South Africa

Study at Nelson Mandela University for a semester and experience top quality, affordable education as well as an authentic South African cultural adventure!

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Experience South Africa through unique learning engagements

A set of 4 week long mid-year programmes designed, customised and facilitated in collaboration with our university faculties and academics.

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Studying at the Nelson Mandela University is a life changing experience! Watch our video to get a taste of what you can expect!

Find out more about the Nelson Mandela University and how it serves the local and international community

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Find all the latest news and stories of how the Mandela International Office supports Internationalisation at our university

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A semester-based English skills programme to improve your English proficiency allowing you to apply to study at Nelson Mandela University

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Bringing the benefits of Internationalisation to the local community by supporting and investing in sustainable projects that empower our people

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On 20 July 2017, the university was officially renamed Nelson Mandela University, the only university in the world to carry the name of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. With the full support of Mandela’s eldest grandson and custodian of the family, Mandla Mandela, it is our unique privilege to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s most beloved statesman and a man who became the world’s moral compass.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to Change the World.” - Nelson Mandela

Mandela believed that education was a force of good and called on all South Africans to treasure knowledge and never stop learning. He valued diversity - especially the coming together of different minds, different backgrounds, different talents and different approaches to achieve greatness.