I was determined to join the Nelson Mandela University community as a Doctor of Philosophy student and accomplish my dream.

The thrilling stories my colleagues and friends shared about their exceptional supervision at Mandela University, further sparked my interest in the university.

In July 2022, I heard that Nelson Mandela International Office would be visiting Uganda to reach out to potential postgraduate students.
I visited the event and was delighted by the wonderful reception I received from the staff of the International Office, Natasha September and Asanda Tele. At that moment, I decided to pursue my Ph.D. at Nelson Mandela University.
As I was deeply resolute to enroll at Mandela University, I traveled to South Africa to inquire about my admission status.
I had never been to South Africa nor did I have a single contact there, but I was confident I would find my way to Gqeberha. Thanks to God's grace, I was able to obtain a visa and began my journey to Gqeberha where Nelson Mandela University is located. Next, I went to the postgrad admissions office and introduced myself as a Ugandan seeking PhD candidate coming to South Africa for the first time, and I was truly humbled by the hospitality shown to me.
As a result of my efforts, Natasha September of the International Office, linked me up with Professor Darelle van Greunen, who would later be my supervisor. Prof van Greunen is the Director of the Centre for Community Technologies at the University. In addition to listening to me, she accepted to supervise me as well.
I wish to thank Natasha September and the team at the Mandela International Office for being for being hospitable and for making Nelson Mandela University so attractive to me.
My special thanks once again to Prof van Greunen for accepting to walk with me as I pursue my doctoral studies. This experience also showed that with personal grit, strength, and endurance, anything is possible for those who persevere.
I look forward to having a memorable experience with the Nelson Mandela University community.

Maureen Tweyongyere
Lecturer, Department of Management and Director Career and Skills Development Centre, Makerere University Business School


PhD student