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This course will focus on contemporary, post-apartheid South Africa. The students will explore South Africa’s history in order to understand the issues that led to apartheid and subsequently to the toppling of the apartheid regime in 1994.

Through lectures, dialogues, readings, documentaries and excursions, the students will have a chance to learn about human rights violations during apartheid, the roots of racialized poverty and inequality and the negotiated transition from apartheid to democracy.

Furthermore, a large part of the course will focus on the successes, failures and challenges of the post-apartheid period, including reconciliation, education, inequality and economic transformation, xenophobia, and many other important topics.


The programme will expose students to the debates pertaining to contemporary South Africa. 
Lectures are facilitated by Nelson Mandela University academics. The programme consists of theoretical and practical aspects that are interactive. Thorough lecture preparation and active participation will ensure an optimum learning experience.

On completion of this programme students will:

  • Have an understanding that human rights practices and institutions are the result of historical processes of social transformation
  • A critical insight into the theoretical grounding of human rights and the human rights discourse in the 20th century
  • An critical understanding of how the theoretical underpinnings of human rights translate into practice
  • The ability to identify and critically analyse key human right issues and debates and clarify fundamental human rights debates through critical thinking and reasoning.
  • Enable students to contribute to the development of a human rights culture and make justifiable decisions in ambiguous situations

Dates: 24 JUNE - 26 JULY 2019

Students should arrive between the 15th and 16th of June and depart on the 21st.

Programme Cost: $3500.00

Application deadline: 30 March 2019



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