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Office for International Education

in South Africa

Nelson Mandela University is excited to offer its 2019 short learning programmes allowing students to experience South Africa through a set of unique beyond the classroom engagements.
Each of our short learning programmes have been designed by the International Office in collaboration with our academics and local industry to allow the best of what our region has to offer, all while respecting the communities we operate in.
Our 2019 Programmes:
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South African History, Culture & Language

Exploring South African history, since the Eastern Cape frontier’s earliest inhabitation by the Khoi and the San to the present.

Human Rights

We will examine Human Rights form a social science and constitutional/legal perspective.
Through the analysis of economic, social, cultural and political contexts in which they arise.

Conflict Management and Transformation

Focusing on the negotiation processes and complexities of negotiation as a tool for conflict management and transformation.

Contemporary South Africa

The students will explore South Africa’s history in order to understand the issues that led to apartheid and subsequently to the toppling of the apartheid regime in 1994.


The Eastern Cape in South Africa hosts a globally unique concentration of biodiversity hotspots

Riding the Knowledge Wave

Marine Ecology and Surfing in Nelson Mandela Bay

African Traditional Healing Systems

Students will gain insight into South Africa's "Green Medicine" revolution

Ancient Wisdom & Holistic Health

View health and healing contexualised within African cultural systems and practices
We also welcome the opportunity to custom design a faculty led programme which can be hosted anytime throughout the year.
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