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Office for International Education

Outgoing opportunities for our local students!


How we assist you:

  • R9000 (USA) or R7000 (Europe) towards your flight ticket
  • Bus ticket to and from Cape Town for your VISA appointment
  • Waivers tuition at partner institution for a semesters credits abroad
  • Provide different levels of support for accommodation

What do I have to pay?

  • Balance of the flight ticket
  • VISA cost
  • Medical aid for 5 months
  • Meals & other living expenses (US institutions have meal plans which are compulsory)

How do I apply?

Submit the following documents to Johan - - at the International Education Centre:

  1. Completed Application form - See download link in the right hand column
  2. A passport style picture in JPG format
  3. Scanned copy of your ID and Passport (or proof of application for passport)
  4. Comprehensive CV in PDF Format
  5. Letter of Motivation (2 page limit) in PDF Format
  6. Full Academic record

Who is eligible for this program?

This program is mainly for students currently in their 1st year and who will be in their 2nd year next year:

  1. Solid academic record (basically proof of ability to cope while on program)
  2. South African Fulltime Nelson Mandela University student.
  3. Sufficient funding to cover remaining balance of flight ticket and enough to sustain yourself while studying abroad.
  4. Valid Passport