Academic Research Activities for International Students during COVID-19



The plan for completing Semester 1


The International Office will provide necessary support to the international students,

partners universities, academic departments and individual lecturers in order to

enable the students to complete semester 1 of 2020 using one of the Pathway


Students are advised to read Nelson Mandela University’s comprehensive plan for

completion of semester 1

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Pathway 1

Preparing to Learn Online



Students who have access to the internet and devices

should complete the preparatory module on online learning.

This will enable them to complete the semester via Pathway 1


Please click on the link below and log in using your student username and password:

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Pathway 2

Preparing to Learn Remotely



The university understands that everything, including remote learning, can be a bit

overwhelming now. We want to assure you that

you are not alone and that you are not the only

person to feel this way. Many students around the country have similar feelings...

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The university also has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions

related to the Pathways, assessments, exams, lab work, academic calendar

and other important issues. If you have any questions relating to the academic

and research activities during COVID-19 pandemic that are not already

covered, you can submit a question and the relevant department will provide



Frequently Asked Questions


Regarding the resumption of learning and teaching, we advise

international students to:

  • Frequently check their student email and follow up with their lecturers regarding the modules
  • Communicate with the lecturers and the International Office about any challenges they might face regarding the completion of the semester
  • Share their cell numbers with the lecturers so that they can be part of the class WhatsApp groups for easier communication

Update your contact details


The following support will be provided to the students by the

International Office:

  • Each coordinator will communicate with partner universities and the international students (undergraduate degree students; postgraduate degree students; study abroad and exchange students) the information related to the Pathways for the completion of the semester
  • We ask the students who have challenges to communicate with the International Office and we will try to help them by linking them with specific departments at the university who can provide direct support (ICT, academic or any other required assistance)
  • The International Office will communicate with the Faculties and ask the Deans and HOD to forward any concerns and issues related to the international students to the International Office staff, who will try and assist wherever possible
  • The International Office will liaise with the relevant Department of Home Affairs and South African Embassies/Consulates regarding immigration regulations that affect international students
  • The International Office will communicate with the international partners regarding the way forward for the continuation of the academic project. We will ask the partners to communicate with their students and ensure they can complete the semester via Pathway 1
  • The International Office will liaise with international students’ sponsors (public and private) regarding student sponsorships, budgets and accounts



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