The Office for International Education at Nelson Mandela University welcomed its first 2019 short programme students to Port Elizabeth (PE) on 7 January. The group consisted of 17 students and 2 staff members from the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, situated in the United States of America.

After a successful week in Cape Town; visiting Robben Island, District Six Museum, Table Mountable Cableways and enjoying a few beer and wine tastings, the group arrived very expectant for what PE has to offer. Their two week stay in the windy city was focused around Human Development within South Africa and the process that underlie human development.
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Nelson Mandela University prides itself on its diverse range of life-changing educational experiences for all its students. For Ohms Kayama, his educational journey at Nelson Mandela University is one to treasure. Ohms is employed full time in Namibia yet managed to complete his Postgraduate Diploma in Labour Law Practice on a full time basis. During his academic year, Ohms faced many hurdles; balancing a full time job, sleeping on planes, late night studying in hotels, but with perseverance and determination he was able to graduate and receive his diploma on 13 December 2018.

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