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Office for International Education

The Office for International Education recently hosted two visiting lecturers from the Odisee Hogeschool in Belgium on 12 and 13 November. These visitors included Mr Pascal Lefevere and Mr Filip Vandewiele who are both lecturers in Physical Education and Recreational Sports.

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The smell, tastes, sounds and spirit of Germany was recently encapsulated at the recent German Cultural Day held on 11 October 2018 at Nelson Mandela University’s South Campus.
The Nelson Mandela University’s Office for International Education and the Rendezvous Campus Cafe together with the Port Elizabeth German Club, hosted the event at the Rendezvous Campus Café on the South Campus from 11am until 2pm. Forming part of the International Office’s cultural mandate, this event allowed local and international students, staff members, and the community of Nelson Mandela Bay, to get a better understanding of the German culture. It further provided German students to enjoy a taste of home, and also gave budding globetrotters a chance to experience a piece of Germany right here at Nelson Mandela University.
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On Monday the 13th, of August, The Office for International Education hosted the Nelson Mandela University International Institutional Partners during the International Family week 13-20 August.
During their visit, the delegates requested to meet with Nelson Mandela University colleagues during this time to discuss furthering and growing the international partnerships.
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The Nelson Mandela University’s Office for International Education hosted its annual International Culture Fest in the heart of the City of Nelson Mandela Bay on Saturday, 18 August at the Donkin Village, Heritage Café in Chapel Street, Central.  
The International Culture Fest formed part of the University’s annual Interantional Diversity Week in August. 
The purpose of this festival was to celebrate the rich cultural diversity within the university as well as in the City.  It was vital for the event organisers to involve the Nelson Mandela Bay Community in the university’s cultural activities and showcase the international footprint on and off campus and promote intercultural understanding, tolerance and mutual respect. This festival provided a platform for Nelson Mandela University students and citizens of the Bay from different cultures, religions and backgrounds to get together under one roof, set their differences aside and just celebrate the city’s rich cultural diversity.
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Are you a student trying to decide whether you would like to spend a few weeks or a semester in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg?

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