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Office for International Education

Global Linkages

The Nelson Mandela University enhances its postgraduate studies, and the research skills, of its Master’s and PhD students by creating international research opportunities whereby students spend three months at partner universities, thereby sharing in the knowledge pool as well as infrastructure of those universities. The same is true for the Nelson Mandela University's partner universities who send their students to our University. This enhances participation in the global knowledge economy ensuring that graduates are internationally competitive.

Makerere University

Academic Postgraduate and Research Collaboration in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Economics: The Nelson Mandela University's Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is one of the largest academic departments of the institution. Recently, the need to strengthen the Applied Mathematics postgraduate and research focus, in the area of Computational Mathematics, was identified as a priority. Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, as a partner university of the Nelson Mandela University, was identified as an excellent ‘learning school’, as they have an established, internationally accepted Mathematical Biology programme in their Department of Mathematics.

University of Oldenburg

Research Collaboration: An exciting project commenced in 2008 between the Nelson Mandela University and the Science Faculty of the University of Oldenburg in Germany. The collaboration will give PhD students the opportunity to research renewable energy, develop new technology and share the research via exchange opportunities.

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Teaching and Research Exchange: An exchange agreement between the Department of Political Studies of UNCW and the Nelson Mandela University's Department of Political and Governmental Studies sees regular student and lecturer exchanges between the two campuses.

Reutlingen Mechatronics Chair

The mechatronics and robotics for advanced production technology joint research work plan is a co-operation between the Nelson Mandela University and Reutlingen University (RU) in Germany. This work plan has been active through staff and student exchange for several years, with more than 20 students from RU having completed half year projects in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at the Nelson Mandela University.

St Cloud State PostGraduate Research Exchange

One of the oldest partnerships at the Nelson Mandela University is with St Cloud State University in St Cloud, Minnesota. This longstanding partnership includes both staff and student exchanges, focusing on the development of higher education and professional skills. Staff often complete staff development modules along with their Master’s in Education or Public Management as part of the exchange, while student exchanges at undergraduate, Master’s and research level are also part of the agreement.