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Office for International Education

Language Requirement

The medium of instruction and examination at the NMMU is English.

Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to submit proof of English proficiency before registration. The TOEFL or IELTS tests, available in most countries, are acceptable proof.

  • IELTS – 6.5 overall score with a minimum of 6 in each section.
  • TOEFL: PBT – 580 overall with minimums of 53 in listening, 52 in reading and 59 in structure/written
  • CBT – 237 overall with minimums of 19 in listening, 19 in reading and 25 in structure/written
  • IBT – 90 overall with minimums of 18 in listening, 17 in reading 22 in writing and 19 in speaking

Guidelines for Admission to Postgraduate Programmes

All International research Master’s and Doctoral students may be required to spend at least nine months of their period of study on the campus. Applicants can also be required to spend three weeks on-campus to finalise research proposals before final admission.

The South African Higher Education system operates mostly as a 3-1-1-2 system. This means the following: an undergraduate bachelor of three years or a four year professional qualification followed by, in most cases, a one year postgraduate programme referred to as an Honours degree. This specialist-taught programme is required for entrance to a Master’s programme. Most research Master’s programmes have a one year minimum duration followed by a two year minimum registration for a Doctoral programme.

Admission to all these programmes are based on academic excellence in previous studies. Applications from applicants that acquired an average mark of 60% or higher in their previous qualification, will be considered for admission. Admission to any programme is also determined by the capacity to supervise a postgraduate research topic. Prospective applicants are thus required to provide, along with their application, a complete academic transcript of previous studies, and all other relevant documentation that will assist the University to make an informed admissions decision.

Applicants that consider the submission of an application for a research Master’s qualification or an application for Doctoral studies should also submit a study proposal that includes a comprehensive description of the field of study as well as a description of the study topic. Applicants should also include the application fee with the application. Detailed admissions criteria for all the different qualifications offered at postgraduate level are provided in the University prospectus. Applicants considering Honours and coursework Master’s programmes should apply during the dates prescribed for postgraduate students.

Admission and registration procedures for research Master’s and Doctoral degrees

  • A general postgraduate application form can be obtained from the Office for International Education or be downloaded from the website.
  • Apart from the general admission requirements, a candidate may be required to fulfil further requirements, e.g. supplementary work or an oral/ written examination.
  • Where applicable, a candidate must submit a research proposal for approval by the Faculty Research, Technology and Innovation Committee within the prescribed minimum period. Once such approval has been obtained, an official research project is registered by the Faculty.
  • If the candidate complies with these admissions criteria, various processes will be undertaken to assign the candidate an appropriate supervisor or promoter.
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