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Office for International Education

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Items Amount in Rands (per month)
Books and stationery (per year) R 6 500.00
Accommodation (Please refer to the Accommodation page.)  
Medical subscription (per year) (Please refer to the medical aid page) R3800.00
Transport to the University (students living off-campus within travelling distance) R 400.00 - R500.00
Meals: students living off-campus per month R1800.00 - R2500.00
Meals: students living on-campus (Please refer to the Accommodation page.) (per year) R9 000.00 - R12 000.00
Study permit (per application) R 425.00
Sports clubs and societies (optional - per year) R 1000.00
Laundry (students living off-campus) R 300.00
Electricity (students living off-campus) R 350.00