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Office for International Education


1.1 International Student : If a student is NOT in a possession of a SA identity document, he/she will be liable for the fees applicable to International students.



An application form WILL NOT be processed before the applicable fee has been paid. (Application fees are not refundable under any circumstances.)

Application fees are not applicable to Nelson Mandela Univesity students who continue their studies without interruption.



You will recieve an "Estimation of Fees" with your acceptance letter. Please ensure the following fees are paid with your acceptance of offer.

3.1 Non Refundable Acceptance Deposit (R4000.00)

The non-refundable acceptance deposit is the first advance payment towards tuition fees in order to secure your place. This amount will be credited towards your student fees account upon registration. (This fee is not refundable under any circumstances.)

3.2 Accommodation Deposit (R2000.00)

A Deposit is required in advance in order to secure your accommodation. The IO cannot be held responsible for sourcing your accom modation if you do not submit such a deposit.

3.3 Orientation (R600.00)

Orientation is compulsory for all international students and you are required to pay this fee with your initial deposit.

3.4 Medical Aid

To be paid directly to Medical Aid provider. Please bring proof of payment or medical aid details with you.



4.1 Enrolment Fee

Enrolment Fees are debited to student’s account upon registration in each year of study and are non-refundable.

4.2 Module / Course Fees

Undergraduate: Prescribed compulsory modules are divided into: Terms, Semester, Trimester or Year fees. 

Postgraduate: Modules for Course work or Degree fees 

4.3 Foreign Admin Fee

These fees are payable by all International Students in each year of study.

4.4 Foreign Tuition Fee (Applicable to NON-SADC students ONLY)

Students from the following countries are deemed SADC (South African Development Community) and are exempt from the Foreign Tuition Fee:  (Angola, Botswana, Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.)

Foreign Tuition fees are applicable to all International Students from Non-SADC countries and are payable in each year of study from undergraduate to Honours level. 

Should the student obtain an SA identity document before the following dates, the Foreign Tuition fee will be refunded as follows:

1 April - 100% 

1 September - 50% 



The following students are exempt from paying their fees in full prior to registration:

5.1 Sponsored students

An official letter of Sponsorship confirming the sponsorship amount is required prior to registration and is subject to the approval of the OIE: Manager of Finance. The amount of the sponsorship needs to be specified and if the amount is less than the required down-payment the student will be expected to make up the difference before registration.

5.2 Nelson Mandela University Bursary Holders

Written confirmation of grant / bursary from the faculty or department prior to registration. If the bursary amount is less than the required payment for the full year of study the student will be expected to make up the difference before registration.



6.1 On-campus: Residence / Post Graduate Village 

The following fees will be debited to your student account and are payable as follows in order for the finance department to give you clearance to obtain your room keys:

Prior to Registration :  Registration Fee; Refundable Breakage Deposit and 1st Semester Rental.

15th July: 2nd Semester rental.

6.2 Off-campus: Accommodation Rental

Prior to Registration: Accommodation Deposit, 1st Semester Rental. Thereafter fees are payable in advance per term.