For young people in search of diverse experiences and exposure to rich cultures and natural beauty while studying, South Africa is an idyllic destination that offers all of the above. 

Students who choose the ‘Rainbow Nation’ for their postgrad studies gain the opportunity to tap into consistently-high standards of education provided at some of the country’s 26 public universities and 42 private institutions.

How can studying abroad in South Africa broaden your horizons?

South Africa draws around 45,000 international students per year – here are some compelling reasons why these young people view South Africa as a postgrad destination of choice:

  • A comparatively lower cost of living allows international students a comfortable way of life while away from home.
  • Although South African tuition fees are also more affordable, our universities have consistently kept up with increasingly high standards for tertiary education.
  • The country’s landscapes are diverse, from undulating plains and savannah bushveld to dramatic mountain ranges and expansive beaches. International students enjoy numerous magnificent destinations, all within a few hours of travel.
  • International students – and tourists in general – typically find the mixed South African cultures friendly, welcoming and fascinating to explore.
  • Studying abroad is a phenomenal way to integrate into the world, gain perspective and prepare for the responsibilities and opportunities that life beyond studies presents.
  • Research also shows that postgraduate students who are further removed from their hometowns develop a sense of independence faster and ultimately adjust to working and adult life easier.

Nelson Mandela University offers the best of all worlds to international students – prime location and world-class tuition in arguably the country’s prettiest province.

  • Although not a capital city, Gqeberha is one of South Africa’s largest cities. International students can expect access to all the first-world comforts to which they are accustomed.
  • Nelson Mandela University is the largest tertiary institution in the Eastern and Southern Cape, offering exemplary education in seven major faculties.
    • Business and Economic Sciences
    • Education
    • Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology
    • Health Sciences
    • Humanities
    • Law
    • Science
  • Nelson Mandela University students enjoy Mother Nature’s most glorious wonders, right at their doorstep. Our Gqeberha campus is the only one in South Africa that sits on a nature reserve, while our George campus lies at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains.
  • A lot can be said about South Africa’s sunny, sublime weather, which is at its pinnacle along the mild Eastern Cape coastline that surrounds Nelson Mandela University.
  • Enjoying typically close proximity to major attractions, such as the iconic Garden Route, Nelson Mandela University is an ideal base from which to explore the country, its cultures and its wilderness.
  • Nelson Mandela University is renowned for its passion for the environment, respect for diversity and individuality, and commitment to holistic education – some of the chief values that young people hold today.

Nelson Mandela University welcomes international students from all walks of life

Come explore the nation that produced some of the world’s most influential names, including our namesake, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, medical icon Chris Barnard, superstar Charlize Theron, comedic host and commentator Trevor Noah, tech giant Elon Musk, literary mastermind J.R.R. Tolkien… and more!

Nelson Mandela University is a proud and dynamic African institution. Sitting at the foot of the continent, we open our doors and extend our warmest welcome to students from South Africa and around the world. Join the Nelson Mandela University family and start writing your own study adventure story.

Posted on 21 July 2022 11:05:25

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