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Office for International Education



Dear Student

Thank you for showing interest in the study abroad opportunity. Please fill in the attached application form and attach / provide the necessary documents as outlined in the document.

Why study abroad?

  • This is the best time of your life to study overseas, a window of opportunity
  • Broaden your horizons; it is an amazing & life changing experience
  • Studying overseas makes you see your everyday world in a whole new light
  • Students who study abroad return home with a more open minded perspective toward other cultures
  • Grab the opportunity to learn a new language
  • Learn about new cultures
  • Enhance your employment prospects. In this globalized world there is a growing necessity for international experience in the workplace.

Things to remember:

  • Have you filled in all the forms & provided all the information required (Your letter of application is an essential part)?
  • Have you looked at websites of the partner universities, are you being proactive in finding information?
  • Remember you pay your fees as per normal to Nelson Mandela University during your time overseas & you must have the cost of the balance of your flight as well as pocket money for your time there. Resourceful students do not make this a barrier or road block to taking up this opportunity
  • After you have sent a completed application we will evaluate it, short list the candidates & then interview selected applicants. WE will contact you DO NOT contact us please.

Application Deadlines:

For First Semester 2016: 31 August 2017

For Second Semester 2016: 31 March 2018

We look forward to getting your completed application!

If are an NMMU student and would like to find out more about Studying Abroad contact Johan Van Rensburg,