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SWISS DAY AT Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University hosted a Swiss delegation consisting of two Swiss Embassy Representatives in South Africa and the Vice President of the University of Basel in Switzerland on Monday, 12 June.

The Swiss Embassy staff started off their day in Port Elizabeth by setting up an information booth on the South Campus during the day to promote the Swiss Scholarship programme and Swiss Universities in general who will specifically target PhD, Post Doc and Research Projects.

Prof Edwin Constable, the Vice President of the University of Basel, then later gave a guest lecture on “The challenge of the very small: nanoscale science” at 15:00 at the Council Chambers in the Main Building on the South Campus.

Professor Edwin Constable has been involved in supramolecular chemistry since its inception and has published over 500 research papers and many books. Prof Constable was the Research Dean of the Faculty of Sciences until 2011 when he was appointed Vice Rector for Research.
Although his interests and expertise lie in metallosupramolecular and materials chemistry, especially in the use of metal ions for the assembly of novel architectures incorporating specific electronic or photophysical properties, he has a broad interest in multidisciplinary research cutting across conventional boundaries.

Switzerland and South Africa have strong and historical synergies in research collaboration and capacity building. The talk commenced with a short overview of the success factors in Switzerland and how these might be used to advantage in the South African context. This was followed with a general introduction of the concepts of nanoscience and how this emerging technology impacts upon and can be deployed within society. The next part of the talk was more research oriented and looked at one aspect of nanotechnology in the context sustainable materials science for photonic materials. The talk was concluded by looking at future prospects and future challenges.

Photo caption:
Prof Edwin Constable, Vice-President of the University of Basel in Switzerland during his guest lecture at Nelson Mandela University

Posted on 13 June 2017 10:03:29

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