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Office for International Education

Subject to legislation and higher education policy, and mindful of its mission and key values, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) seeks to enrol international students who have the potential to succeed at the higher education level. Furthermore, the NMMU actively seeks to enrol international students that reflect the broad diversity of global cultural, linguistic, racial, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. To achieve this, the NMMU seeks to enrich the diversity of its student body through a process of internationalisation by drawing students from SADC and other African countries, as well as from the wider international community.

The admissions requirements to the various programmes offered by the NMMU consist of the statutory admission requirements as stipulated by the rules and regulations of the University as well as regulations and requirements as stipulated in the Higher Education Act of 1997 (read with the Universities Act of 1955 and the Technikons Act of 1993) and administered by the Matriculation Board to foreign qualifications. The NMMU reserves the right to limit the number of applicants who are admitted to a specific programme in the light of available resources, staff capacity, and prescriptions of professional bodies as well as the Ministry of Education.

In reaching a decision on admission, the NMMU makes use of an admissions process that is fair and transparent, and employs admissions criteria and measures that are as appropriate and valid as possible. Central to the admissions process is the Admissions Committee that makes admissions decisions, monitors enrolment and annually advises Senate on matters related to admissions and the updating or refinement of the International Students Admissions Policy.

Key Values of the NMMU’s Admissions Policy

The NMMU’s admissions policy and its implementation are guided by the following key values:


The NMMU strives to provide access to and enrol a student body that is reflective of the geographical and culturally diverse populations it serves.

Fairness, Transparency and Professionalism

In its admissions process, the NMMU will endeavour to make fair admissions decisions and use admissions criteria and measures that are not biased against any applicant or group of applicants.

The admissions process of the NMMU will be conducted in a fair, accountable and professional manner through openness and transparency as regards the procedures followed and the criteria and information used for making admissions decisions. Admissions decisions will be communicated to applicants in a clear and transparent way. Applicants may query why an application was unsuccessful, appeal the decision, when necessary, and request consideration for alternative programmes.


The NMMU fosters a caring, enabling and supportive environment to provide its students with the best possible chances of success and of realising their potential. This will be achieved through identifying the development and wellness needs of students and by providing academic and student development support programmes.


The NMMU will constantly research and refine its admissions, procedures, criteria, and assessment measures as well as the various alternative access routes to ensure that they are of a high quality, and are relevant and sensitive to the needs of the student, the institution, and the local, regional, national and international communities that it serves. The underlying admissions principle for International students will be academic excellence.